Services Offered

Swedish Massagemuscles grey

A relaxing yet vigorous system of treatment designed to energize the body by stimulating circulation.

Five basic strokes, all flowing toward the heart, are used to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. Swedish Massage is probably the most well-known and one of the most popular types of massage, and I often combine it with other types of massage like Deep Tissue or Clinical.

Benefits include generalized relaxation, dissolution of scar tissue adhesions, and improved circulation, which may speed healing and reduce swelling from injury.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage techniques are administered to affect the deeper layers of musculature and fascia.

The practitioner first relaxes the superficial layers of muscle and fascia to gain access to and work with the deeper layers. Deep tissue massage can help with chronic muscular pain and injury rehabilitation and can also help to reduce inflammation-related pain caused by arthritis and tendinitis.

The use of hot towels and specialized lotions can help the therapist to get to the deeper layers more efficiently and effectively.

Clinical/Treatment Massage

This method of massage therapy combines the assessment of soft tissue, musculature, and joints of the body with the administration of massage treatments to relieve pain and symptoms of stress, or to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or enhance physical function.

Clinical/treatment massage, also known as Medical Massage, utilizes specific treatments appropriate to working with disease, pain, and recovery from injury.

Three basic elements are adhered to with these modalities: assessing the problem area, matching the treatment to the injury, and continually adapting the treatment to the client’s changing needs.

Myofacial Release Massage

The therapist uses the application of sustained pressure and movement into the fascial system in order to eliminate fascial restrictions and to facilitate the release of holding patterns that are no longer relevant and may be inhibiting the healing progress.

An assessment is made by visually analyzing the human frame and palpating the tissue texture and mobility. Gentle pressure is applied in the direction of fascial restriction. MFR can help relieve cervical pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, neurological dysfunction, restriction of motion, chronic pain and headaches.

Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point is a hyper-irritable spot in a skeletal muscle that is painful to the touch, and when pressed upon, causes referred pain to another area or areas of the body.

The therapist identifies, locates and applies alternating pressure and release to trigger points throughout the body.

Trigger point therapy is specifically designed to alleviate the source of the pain through cycles of isolated pressure and release with active client participation both by breathing deeply into areas of pain and by reporting to the therapist where the specific areas of pain are and when they ease up. Trigger Point Therapy can effectively release constricted areas in muscles, thus alleviating pain in even a single session and helping to manage the pain and stress from long term chronic injuries as well.

Muscle Release Technique

This technique combines compression, extension, movement, and breath to give therapists a tool to provide relief from pain.

It is useful in treating such conditions as chronic low back pain, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, tennis elbow, knee pain, frozen shoulder, piriformis syndrome, tendinitis and much more.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery.

There are three aspects to Sports Massage: Pre-event massage is delivered at the event site to establish blood flow and to help warm up tissues. Post-event massage is also delivered on site, with the intent of calming the nervous system and beginning the process of flushing toxins and waste products out of the body. Sports massage is also useful following an injury to help increase the speed and quality of recovery and to allow the athlete to return to their sport as quickly as possible.

Chair Massage

Chair Massage is a great way to offer brief, fully clothed massages to a group of people, some of whom may not have ever received massage before.

Holly and her chair are available for events of all types, including fundraisers, auctions, sporting events, networking groups, women’s groups and parties of all sorts to offer chair massage to guests.

An endless array of possibilities exists for this…call if you have a need or desire to incorporate chair massage into an event of any sort and we can work something out.


Holly also offers massage in the comfort of your home.

There is a $15 travel fee within a 15-mile radius.

Call for rates for further travel distances.

Add Ons

Foot Scrub $10

Aroma Therapy $5

10 Minute Scalp Massage $12